In today’s day and age, there are many striving to improve our environment and the health of those living in it. We’re therefore not looking for applause or praise for what we do at our little restaurant in our little town in the middle of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. Rather, we simply want to share our efforts to let our customers know where our priorities lie, to educate, and to hopefully inspire further change in the world.
In a nutshell, we love our planet and care about its future. We recycle and reuse as much as possible. More specifically, we launder our own napkins in-house to cut down on water usage, don’t use tablecloths for the same reason, and don’t offer disposable chopsticks as they deplete the woods of our rainforests. With our food, we use ingredients that are seasonal and preferably local. Many of our vegetables come from Buckhorn Gardens and Hole Foods Farm.  When it comes to our seafood, we try to take a stand and do our part, which can be a challenge here at 9,000 feet. With that said, all the fish we serve is delivered fresh and researched extensively for sustainability.
You’ll find that we:
• Reduced our tuna quantities because of the health risks mercury levels propose
• Removed eel from our menu because young eels are being killed for food, thereby decimating the eel population
• Only purchase domestically-raised shrimp because the international shrimp industry is growing increasingly tainted as forests are being clear-cut to build shrimp farms which, in turn, pollute our oceans.
In addition, we try to remain as cost-savvy as possible and price competitive.

Much thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium ( for the current information it provides on seafood, as well as to the numerous purveyors we speak with regularly in order to remain up-to-date on what’s happening in our oceans.