About Honga

Born in Korea and raised primarily in Colorado, Honga Im has always had a deep love for the mountains and the outdoors. After completing her education at the University of Colorado, Boulder with a BFA in sculpture and painting,  she settled in Telluride, finding the spectacular setting a perfect fit for her lifestyle. As it turned out, it was also the ideal place to successfully fuel her equally intense passion for cooking. An avid traveler who enjoys studying the food behind each culture she visits, Honga’s level of enthusiasm and curiosity has led her to dine everywhere from five-star kitchens in Thailand to back-alley food carts in Vietnam. She has flown hundreds of thousands of miles over the years in order to explore countries around the globe, tasting and becoming inspired by the many flavors along the way. Today, Honga enjoys spending time with her children, Raven and Clark, and overseeing the ins and outs of both her restaurant and cookbook. She still, however, manages to sneak in morning mountain bike rides and powder days skiing whenever possible, never growing tired of the breathtaking scenery and unique spirit that drew her to Telluride in the first place.